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How to upgrade from the trial version


Acquiring a license

When upgrading from a trial license to a commercial, the first step is to purchase the commercial license. This can be done from our pricing page among other areas of our website.
If you are still looking for which license to choose or if you have any questions, let us know! We are here to help!

Assigning the license to the developer

After the purhcase of the commercial license, it should be assigned to the developer, who will do the development. This can be done immediately after the purchase, or later from the licenses page. When the buyer and the developer is the same person, the license can be self-assigned as well.

Manual upgrade

In this guide you will download a custom package from our website and change the files from your project to the newly downloaded pacakge.
It is suitable for projects, where there is no dedicated build process, or where the source files are referenced on the web pages directly via <script> and <link /> elements.

Step 1. Download the package

Access the download page, by logging in to your account. The commercial license needs to be assigned to your account. If you are the developer, but somebody else purchased the license, then the buyer can assign the license to your account. You can instruct the buyer to loggin into his account and proceed to the licenses page.

After selecting the components, themes, custom themes and font icon packs that you need, hit the download button and download your package. If you have multiple licenses and have access to multiple frameworks, you might need to select the framework as well.

Step 2. Copy over the files to your project

If you had the trial version installed, remove the js and css folders of the trial from your project and replace them with the newly downloaded package js and css folders.

You should also check and update the links to the new package in your page if the paths are different:

<link href="css/mobiscroll.javascript.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="js/mobiscroll.javascript.min.js"></script>

At this point you should have a working project with the mobiscroll commercial components included.