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From version 4.2.0 Mobiscroll for JQuery comes with type definitions files, that allow better usage in typescript environments.

Installing types

Type definition files come with the extension *.d.ts and are included in every Mobiscroll package from version 4.2.0. Installing and importing the mobiscroll package makes the types available as well.

Example installing and using the types with npm:

$ npm install @mobiscroll/jquery --save

After installation the package needs to be imported into the app with the needed types:

import '@mobiscroll/jquery'; // importing the mobiscroll package
import { Calendar, MbscCalendarOptions } from '@mobiscroll/jquery'; // importing types


// declaring the options with the type gives auto-suggest for settings
var options: MbscCalendarOptions = {
    theme: 'ios',
    calendarScroll: 'vertical'

// Initializing the calendar
var myInput = $('#myID').mobiscroll().calendar(options);

// Getting the reference of the instance
var calendarInstance: Calendar = myInput.mobiscroll('getInst') as Calendar;

// Calling instance methods
calendarInstance.setVal(new Date(), true, false);;