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Supported Platforms - Android 4.1+ including Android Marshmallow, iOS 6+ including iOS 10, Windows Phone 10 and all major mobile and desktop browsers

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Getting Started

Mobiscroll lets you easily create and customize touch friendly spinner/scroller controls.
Thanks to its architecture, the mobiscroll core provides the scrolling functionality and it can be used not just for date & time picking, but for rendering scrollable lists, selects, radiobutton lists, basically everything that lets you select a value.

Using Mobiscroll ASP.Net MVC Controls

What are the Mobiscroll ASP.Net MVC Controls?

The Mobiscroll MVC Controls are custom helper methods that will generate the markup and javascript for the Mobiscroll Controls. This enables developers to configure mobiscroll controls server side, provides cleaner code and speeds up development.

The Mobiscroll ASP.Net MVC Controls require one of the following frameworks to work: MVC3, MVC4 or MVC5.1

Getting started with the ASP.Net Mvc integration

1. Download the Mobiscroll Mvc Controls library

Go to the mobiscroll download page, select the helper library and hit download.

2. Add a reference to the MobiscrollMVC.dll in you project

In the Microsoft Visual Studio go to Solution Explorer and open your project. Right click the References and hit Add Reference. Search for the MobiscrollMVC.dll you just downloaded and add it to the project.

3. Import the Mobiscroll Namespace in your views

The mobiscroll helpers are located in the mobicroll namespace, so you will have to import them. You can do this page by page, or you can do it all at once in your web.config.

Page by page

If you are using the classic ASPX rendering engine put the following line on the top of your view (ex. index.aspx)

<%@ Import Namespace="Mobiscroll" %>

If you are using the Razor rendering engine put the following line on the top of the view.

@using Mobiscroll;


In your projects web.config file under the <system.web> search for <pages>. Under <pages> search for <namespaces> and add the following line:

<add namespace="Mobiscroll" />

4. Include the Mobiscroll Scripts in your Site Master or Layout page

5. Use the Mobiscroll Helpers

You can use the mobiscroll helpers in your views like this:

For more examples check out the demo page.

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