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Mobiscroll CLI

The Mobiscroll Command Line Interface helps to install and configure the mobiscroll library into a project.


Using the node package manager (npm), the mobiscroll cli can be installed with the following command:

$ npm install -g @mobiscroll/cli


Configures your current project with the Mobiscroll resources and dependencies.

$ mobiscroll config [options] [types]


  • -t, --trial The project will be tuned up with trial configuration.
  • -i, --lite The project will be tuned up with lite configuration.
  • -n, --no-npm Mobiscroll resources won't be installed from npm. In this case the Mobiscroll resources must be copied manually to the src/lib folder.
  • -h, --help Output usage information
  • --proxy [url] Define a proxy URL which will be passed to the internal requests.
  • --scssThe project will be configured with scss styles instead of css.
  • --cssThe project will be configured with css styles instead of scss.
  • --version [version] Pass the Mobiscroll version which you want to install.


  • angular Use it for configuring Angular 2+ applications.
  • angularjs Use it for configuring Angularjs(1.x) applications.
  • ionic Use it for configuring Ionic 2+ applications.
  • javascript Use it for configuring JavaScript applications. Use it with frameworks like: Vue, Knockout, Ember.js...
  • jquery Use it for configuring jQuery based applications.
  • react Use it for configuring React applications.


Logs you in to the Mobiscroll npm registry. (Use the --global flag if you want to login globally).

$ mobiscroll login [options]


  • -h, --help output usage information


Logs you out from the Mobiscroll npm registry. (Use the --global flag if you want to log out globally).

$ mobiscroll logout [options]


  • -h, --help output usage information


Creates a new Mobiscroll starter project and installs the Mobiscroll resources from npm.

$ mobiscroll start [options] [types] [name]


  • -t, --trial The project will be tuned up with trial configuration.
  • -h, --help Output usage information
  • --ionic-version Specify the ionic version of the ionic-angular starter.


  • angular Creates an angular 6 applications.(Based on Angular CLI application.)
  • ionic Creates an ionic application. (Based on Ionic 3 application.)
  • ionic-angular Creates an ionic-angular application. (Based on Ionic 4/5 angular application.)
  • ionic-react Creates an ionic-react application. (Based on Ionic 5 react application.)
  • react Creates an react applications.(Based on Create React App application.)

Name - The name of the project you want to start